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Jane and Stephen Baughan set up a pottery in an old stable building on a farm on the edge of the Cotswolds, in 1990.

Since then they have grown and expanded by renovating other farm buildings dating back to 1836, to use as additional workshops. Here the pottery is made using traditional methods of slip-casting and jollying. It is then carefully decorated by hand using a combination of fresh colours and a wide variety of surface designs. They have developed their own specialised technique of hand stencilling on pottery, which gives the designs a fresh and crisp outline.

The aim is to produce ware of high quality in items of design durability and practicality, which is functional and good to live with.

All products are microwave and dishwasher proof and can be purchased from the Town Council offices.

2 pint (6.5”/17cms tall)  £28.50
1 pint (5.75”/15cms tall)  £23.50
1/2 pint teapot £16.00


Cup Saucer

Tea Cup and Saucer
Saucer (6.5"/16cms diameter)
Cup (2.5”/7cms tall; 4”/10.5cms dia)  £19.00


Sugar Bowl (4.75”/12cms dia -2.5”/7cms tall)  £9.00
Breakfast Bowl (6.5”/17cms dia)  £8.50
Rounded Bowl (6.5”/16.5cms dia - 2.5”/7cms tall)  £13.50


Tea Plate (8”/20.5cms diameter) £9.00
Dinner Plate  (11"/28cms diameter) £11.00


Pasta Bowl
Pasta Bowl (8.5”/18cms diameter  £14.00
 - 2.5”/7cms tall)


Lidded Jar
Lidded Jar (5.5”/14cms tall)  £13.50


Vase (5.5”/14cms tall)  £11.00


Tray (7.5”/18.5cms wide)  £11.00


Cricklade Tray
Tray (7.5"/18.5cms wide) £11.00


Tall Mug (6”/15.5cms tall)  £11.00
Large Mug (3.5”/9cms tall)  £11.00
Small Mug (3”/7.5cms tall)  £9.00


2 pint (7.25”/18cms tall)  £23.50
1 pint (6”/15cms tall)  £19.00
1/2 pint (4.75”/11.5cms tall)  £11.00
1/4 pint £9.00




Storage Jar Small
Jar (8.75”/22cms tall)  £21.00


Utensil Pot
Utensil Pot (7.75”/19.5cms tall -
5.75”/14.5cms diameter)   £26.00


Planter (4.75”/12cms tall)  £13.50


Egg Cup Egg Cup (2.5”/6.25cms high)  £5.50


Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee

Cricklade Town Council commissioned the design of the mosaic to be laid in Saxons Rest community garden. The mosaic is at the heart of the town and, along with the Jubilee Clock installed to mark Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897, will be a lasting legacy for future generations.

The mosaic design was used as a theme for the celebrations and can be found on literature and car stickers as well as on the specially commissioned commemorative items. These include:

A special edition Royal Worcester commemorative plate. Only 500 have been commissioned and each comes complete with a Limited Edition Certificate.

Coronation Revealed - a commemorative booklet featuring Cricklade’s memories of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

You can purchase Jubilee and Commemorative memorabilia from the Town Council offices.


Commemorative Plate  £10.00


Coronation Revealed  £0.50p

Cricklade Souvenirs


Sticker  £1.00



Cricklade Town Council stock a wide range of reasonably priced souvenirs including fridge magnets, keyrings, tea towels and thimbles

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